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commission   Splits?
Acuity Management lets you break free of your commission split once and for all! Would you like the ability to build a team that pays you commission splits?

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YOUR   Brand?
Acuity management separates you from the old boiler plate corporate branding. Do you want a complete modern branding package that will demand attention from anyone who sees it?

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Expert   Training?
Are you getting the high quality expert support you need to stay on top of the industry? Are you ready for REAL training and support?

Our Services

Within weeks your brokerage will go from a concept to a fully effective and functional business ready for you and your associates. Creation occurs while you continue to sell real estate and do what you do best, Acuity handles the rest!

Behind every great business is an accurate picture of accounting which puts together the pieces of where your brokerage has been and where it can go. Acuity will manage daily reports, intake and payment functions in a swift and systematic way which will help improve the company's profitably.

Connecting with you and your associates to provide a detailed analysis to fit your individual needs and knowledge level is what Acuity training does best. The right answers are always followed by asking the right questions. As a broker, it is vital to build a strong team with a proper perspective and Acuity can help guide your energy in the right direction.


A remarkable marketing campaign contributes to the consumer's inclination to choose you as their Real Estate professional. Acuity will generate professional marketing for your independent brokerage with precision and effectiveness.

Powerful and productive management is essential to the success of a brokerage. With the proper implementation of plans in the right time and a right way, your brokerage can operate seamlessly and efficiently. Acuity management takes care of all your management needs.

A successful brokerage needs efficient communication, mobility and a technological presence that can compete with the numerous rising modern brands. From systems, to hardware, to associate support, Acuity has the expertise and precision to make sure you are on the cutting edge of technology with issue resolution and system management you can trust.

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Previous Clientele

  • Samuels Realty

    Samuels Realty was formed, managed and marketed using the incorporated principles of Acuity. It is a very successful independent brokerage that is an example of the power, precision and detail of Acuity.

  • Keller Williams

    Keller Williams St. Pete Realty adopted numerous benefits of Acuity's training, support and technology expertise as well as inspiration for Acuity's vision of professionalism.