What is Acuity Real Estate Management?

Let's Start with some background.

The background behind the Industry:

The progression of Real Estate is in continual motion; the market, trends and experiences are constantly evolving to provide greater success for professionals alike. Business advances are only accelerating with modern times. Before the rise of the internet, face to face business, paper filing, MLS books and snail mail were the fundamental basics to a lucrative business. In the 90's, this trend started becoming antiquated by big corporate brokerages. These corporations assisted in giving realtors the key to modernized business: Technology. The complex technological systems were a competitive advantage compared to an independent broker. However, recent statistics are showing that corporate brokerages are fallen short regarding technology and modern progression which is leading to a decline in support and development. Through this blend of history, experiences and new technology, the trend has once again evolved, leading brokers to a new equation for success! The competitive edge is back onto independent brokerages.

The current technology is more powerful, streamlined and efficient than ever before which is resulting more brokers leaving corporations and opening their own branded brokerage. The tools, infrastructure and expertise that a big corporation previously provided is now on the fingertips of modern brokers, altering the equation for success once again.

The government requires a realtor to be a sales associate for two years prior to being eligible to be a broker. This protects the consumers and helps the associate to gain experience. Once an associate has become a broker, a corporate brokerage can actually hinder success as compared to having an independently owned branded brokerage.

Currently, numerous independent brokerages are beginning to form in our industry as the trend gets more popular. Most broker associates lack the knowledge or experience to open their own brokerage.  Acuity offers the solution through navigating the largest issues, down to the very small details of every step.


Where Acuity can make a difference:

Acuity Management was formed to offer brokers the opportunity to utilize their experience and create along lasting local business that will persevere through these rapidly changing times.

With Acuity, the complexities of training, technology, marketing and management are simplified so that the broker can do what they do best... Sell Real Estate! Acuity has the tools and experience to do everything from open your brokerage to daily tasks like compliance, marketing and much more.

A partnership with Acuity makes running a brokerage effortless. You can build your brand, clientele and an incredible sales force of your own by hiring sales associates. Acuity has the knowledge and flexibility to manage a brokerage as it grows. With Acuity, there is unlimited growth potential.

Stand out from the crowd, go with the flow of modern times, take advantage of your local expertise and grow a business that YOU OWN.  Acuity will help you accelerate to a whole new level of success!


Joe Simoncini

Joe Founded Acuity Management for one reason: to help agents become independent brokers.   He has been a valuable member of the Real Estate community since 2005 holding every position in a Real Estate brokerage from front receptionist, to IT support, to full time realtor running a team.   He has worked with multiple large corporate brokers as well as small independent offices.   His expertise in brokerage creation, management and growth has opened the opportunity for many realtors to become larger, more productive teams and companies.

Joe’s Expertise includes:
•    Large Multi-Office Brokerage Management
•    Technology, Systems & Infrastructures
•    Marketing, Advertising and Graphic Design
•    Web Design, Coding, and SEO
•    Online Reputation Management
•    Social Media Marketing and Industry Usage
•    Technology, Success, and Industry Training
•    Business and Growth Consultation
•    Accounting & Book-keeping
•    Back Office Organization and Procedures
•    Real Estate Team Leader
•    REO Listing Agent
•    Photography and Videography
•    Market Trends, Research and Statistics
•    Mobile Business configuration and management

Joe has a high level of leadership skills ranging back to the time he spent playing sports at Saint Petersburg Catholic High School.  Due to his ability to play football while maintaining perfect grades and multiple awards and achievements he received a full scholarship to Carnegie Melon University.  Joe studied pre-med and business while playing football until a serious injury sent him back to his home town, Florida.  Soon after he discovered his passion for the business of real estate and has been ingrained ever since.

Joe has taken his entire experience set and catered Acuity to the needs of independent brokers. The key to his success is simple, he never stops learning. He always keeps an open mind and utilizes any daily experience to become a better more efficient business man. Especially in today’s fast moving technology arena, if you are not constantly learning and adapting, you are left behind.

He is a husband and dedicated father.    He believes in working hard but smart.

“Life outside of work is an incredibly important part of anyone’s life. Without balance, everyone will burn out and all aspects of their life will suffer. I believe we can all work hard and smart by leveraging the people around us and relying on tried and true systems. This will create an ability to achieve far more than you ever could before, while spending less time behind your desk and more time doing the things you love.”    -    Joe Simoncini

Joe’s reliability, professionalism, and ability to master many business functions, has giving him a huge competitive edge in the Real Estate industry. As the founder of Acuity, he is sharing that competitive edge with anyone interested in learning and making the jump to independence.

Sarah Simoncini

Sarah Simoncini

Sarah helped establish Acuity through her personal touch of business development and marketing psychology.

Sarah’s Expertise includes:

  • Business & Marketing Psychology
  • Business Development & Organization
  • Social Media Training & Marketing
  • Marketing Statistics Research
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Website Development
  • Consultation & Marketing
  • Photography & Graphic Arts
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Promotional Product Development
  • Marking Statistics Research
  • Client/Vender Relations
  • Client/Vender Organization

Sarah has thick roots in the technological and online world.  In 1995, at the very young age of 13, she started learning every aspect about a very small and brand new community named eBay.  It was a hobby to sell random items before becoming more interested in jewelry design, web development and graphic design.  A few years later she discovered a new trend called Italian charms and realized the design needed improvement which gained customer approval and sold out quickly.  By 2001, SarinasCharms LLC was incorporated.  Upon establishment, Sarah began communication to overseas manufacturing firms who aided in implementing her designs at a high volume level.  Her next self-taught skill became web development and graphic design while continuing to research marketing and business organization.  Eventually SarinasCharms Wholesale was created, helping clients soar to success through product parties and marketing coordination.  Sarah's success at such a young age was due to her fearless approach of embracing new ideas and always believing that the sky is the limit.

Sarah attended Saint Petersburg Catholic High School and was rewarded a full scholarship at the University of South Florida for business and psychology, providing greater knowledge about her desired trades.  It was then that she realized one of the greatest motivations for success in business is the psychology behind what you are selling.

 "If one can get into a state of authenticity and humility then the pursuit of knowledge becomes open ended, and success becomes a byproduct of intuition.  The first step to that is fear, that feeling of taking great risk.  If one can genuinely face that and allow it to make them greater, all consequential actions will be guided by the heart.  With society constantly evolving, unlimited potential is found through impacting others in a positive way.  In that state of mind, great risk becomes great reward." - Sarah Simoncini  

Sarah and Joe had their first child in 2013.  When Maddox was born Joe and Sarah decided to sell and invest SarinasCharms so that Sarah could focus solely on parenting.  With Maddox becoming more independent, signing on to help Joe develop and establish Acuity was a no brainer.

As a co-founder of Acuity, she is dedicated to rising clients to a new found level of success through incorporating her previous business knowledge and open minded approach to new found territory.