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Why the Hell Would Anyone Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

Here at Acuity, we believe all real estate agents and brokers are entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur means you are responsible for your success or failure. You are responsible to make the connections, take the risks and generate the business that allows you to enjoy life. At one time being called an entrepreneur was seen as…
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Acuity’s Exclusive Early Black Friday Deal: ACT NOW!

The holidays are coming, the families are gathering and another year is coming to an end. Every new year poses a great opportunity to reflect on business and personal life goals. Did you reach your goals in 2015? What can you do to simplify your business? Is your current branding helping to drive sales? Are…
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Friday Funnies: 23 Real Estate Memes Every Agent Relates To!

Real estate memes are everywhere for industry professionals, so here is 23 of our favorites. You might as well bookmark this page and pin these pictures, because you’re going to want these memes accessible throughout every real estate transaction. Special thanks to our friends at The Lighter Side of Real Estate and for many of these great…
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