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5 Trends That Will Change How Companies Use Social Media in 2016

There are now more than 2 billion active social media users worldwide, and that sum is growing at a brisk clip of 25 percent each year. Businesses haven’t failed to noticed the runaway expansion of social media. Nine out of 10 U.S. companies are now active on social networks. The same overwhelming percentage of those are reporting seeing increased…
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Acuity’s Exclusive Early Black Friday Deal: ACT NOW!

The holidays are coming, the families are gathering and another year is coming to an end. Every new year poses a great opportunity to reflect on business and personal life goals. Did you reach your goals in 2015? What can you do to simplify your business? Is your current branding helping to drive sales? Are…
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Create your own Social Media Marketing Plan

Recently, we've had a few questions from clients about social media: "Why is it so important?," "What do I have to do to make it work?," "I have friends who benefit greatly but I just cant make it work, why?" A partnership with Acuity makes social media effortless and simple. We do the hard work…
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